I'm Fadi Rizk.

An insatiably curious product

A little about me

I have a deep interest in human beings and try to make sense of what they do. While the what is certainly important the why is where I get really excited.

I consider myself a troubleshooter and a problem solver. I like to tinker. Ask lots of questions. And figure things out.  

 I lead with empathy and always assume the best in people. I believe sincerely in the collective intelligence of the group, and I’m okay with the ambiguity that life throws at us.

I’m a coach in Seth Godin’s altMBA and used to be a healthcare practitioner. You can read about my career pivot in CreativeMornings here and a post I wrote on Medium here.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you stick around and see some of my work below 👇🏽

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Selected Work